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How to style curly hair - Alterna My Hair My Canvas

How to style curly hair

If you’ve been graced with natural curls, you’re lucky in that you’ll never need to Google things like “how to get curly hair” or “how to make your hair curly,” as many other women do. There’s something irresistibly beautiful about having these types of tresses.

Still, people with curly locks know all too well about the frustrations that come with managing their hair. It can be annoying to get tangles and deal with unruly strands when you want to achieve a particular style.

Your hair might also be more susceptible to dryness and breakage so it could take some extra effort to care for curly hair and keep it bouncy, shiny and voluminous. However, here are a few tips and curly hair products that will help with that.

Keep your curls hydrated

It’s no secret that curly hair needs extra moisture compared with other hair types. The oils produced by the scalp have a harder time getting down to the ends of the strands because of kinks and curls. The Alterna My Hair My Canvas Begin Again Curl Cleanser and Conditioner will gently cleanse curly hair, whilst adding moisture and shine. Best of all they're silicone free and vegan friendly so kind to your curls and the planet!

For a more intensive treatment use the My Hair My Canvas More Butter Masque once per week instead of your conditioner. This amazing product nourishes textures, curls and coils, reduces frizz, and leaves curls enhanced with long lasting bounce and light definition.

How to dry and brush curly hair

After every wash, your wet hair is more fragile than normal and prone to breakage. To prevent frizz, use a microfiber towel and pat dry. Better yet, squeeze your hair gently to get rid of any excess water when leaving the shower.

Try not to brush right away as it might be too aggressive and cause the strands to break. Depending on the type of hair you have, brushing might also provoke more frizz and leave your ringlets undefined. To untangle, use a wide-toothed comb starting with the ends and work your way up while your hair is wet.

Which curly styling products should you use? 

Now that you have the shiny locks you’ve always dreamed of, it’s time to style for a desired flyaway-free bounce. Your best bet here is to apply curly hair products, such as the ones in My Hair My Canvas Textures & Curls collection, when your hair is still wet to lock in hydration.

My Hair My Canvas My Way Curl Defining Gel is a vegan and silicone-free curl defining gel that is non-greasy and non-flaking, providing a soft but flexible hold, and humidity resistance for up to 72-hours. Simply emulsify in palms and scrunch into damp hair. Allow curls to air-dry or diffuse with a blow-dryer. 

Alternatively the My Hair My Canvas Loosen Up Curl Elongator will lengthen curls with initial use, help maintain curl and coil pattern, control frizz, and provide humidity protection for up to 72-hours. Emulsify in palms and apply to clean, damp hair in sections to ensure thorough coverage. Smooth onto curls in a downward motion for extra elongation.

Now that you know how to keep your hair curly, nourished and styled, you can rock your smooth and bouncy locks any day of the week.

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