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Our Clean Philosophy

A commitment to alternative beauty has been at the heart of the Alterna story since we debuted in 1997. That commitment continues to inform and inspire every product we make. We began our journey by creating innovative, luxurious haircare and styling products inspired by skincare science and formulated with pure and effective ingredients. From the beginning, we developed products that were formulated without parabens, SLS/SLES* sulfates and other harsh chemicals. Our family of mindfully formulated products are designed to deliver performance without compromise—clean beauty that provides an exceptionally luxurious experience at home and proven results in the salon.

Today we continue to define the cutting edge of clean beauty with our minimalist development philosophy. Our high-performance formulas feature potent botanicals blended with high quality essential ingredients needed for superior results--a truly transformative experience without unnecessary additives. That’s why Alterna products will always be formulated without parabens, SLS/SLES* sulfates, and synthetic color—we have always believed these chemicals don’t belong in your hair. Our commitment to offering clean sustainable products and sensorial experiences will progress exponentially as we lead the way forward.

Alterna is proud to renew and refine its commitment to clean beauty as we bring a new generation of transformative haircare to market with My Hair. My Canvas. This exciting new line reimagines the creative possibilities of haircare, and it has been designed to deliver maximum impact on hair with the goal of minimizing our environmental impact. From new 100% vegan formulas, to innovative packaging with 50% post-consumer recycled plastics**, My Hair. My Canvas embodies our passion for continuing to explore new avenues that take our clean beauty philosophy to a new and even more meaningful level.

Alterna will always be committed to making our products better with each new generation and to empowering both stylists and consumers to elevate ordinary moments into self-care experiences that instantly transform hair and senses.

Botanical Caviar

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