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The Cause of Frizzy Hair and What You Can do to Combat It

The Cause of Frizzy Hair and What You Can do to Combat It

Frizzy hair can be relentless. For many the battle with frizzy hair seems never ending and difficult to understand which products you need and when. While it’s not always easy to prevent, understanding the causes of frizzy hair can help.

The Main Causes Of Frizzy Hair

Frizz can occur due to a mixture of two things; humidity due to hot weather or lack of moisture in the hair, which causes the hair to search for hydration in the air, which is a contribution towards why your hair is always frizzier during the warmer months. Below are 6 other reasons why your hair may be frizzy:

  • Rough Towel Drying of Hair – The friction of towel drying can roughen or lift the hair cuticle, especially if using a towel made from a rougher material
  • Overbrushing- Brushing your hair too much can cause breakage, and when your hair has brittle or split ends it can be more prone to frizz
  • Not Using Heat Protectant – By not using heat protectant when styling hair, the heat can strip natural moisture leading to damaged or dry hair
  • Rinsing Your Hair With Hot Water – The heat from a hot shower can strip the scalp of natural oils which would usually keep the hair moisturised
  • Split Ends – Split ends are extremely prone to frizz the longer they are left so regular trims are recommended
  • Humidity – During the warmer months, your hair cuticles become rougher and open to absorbing moisture from the humidity in the air

What Steps Can I Take To prevent Frizz?

There are steps which can be taken to control and manage frizz;

  • The temperature and duration of your shower can be turned down. Hotter water and longer showers strip your hair of natural oils which help hydrate the hair
  • Some chemicals in shampoos can strip natural moisture and dry the hair out if they are being used too often. It is recommended to shampoo 1-3 times a week if you have naturally frizzy or dry hair.
  • Minimise the amount of heat used, Instead of blow-drying your hair you could leave it to airdry using our Easy Does It Airdry Balm, helping to
  • Be mindful while towel drying hair, if using a towel to dry hair be careful not to rough the cuticle
  • Purchase a microfiber towel or silk pillow case to avoid split ends and hair breakage
  • Minimise brushing, stick to twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening to get ride of any knots or tangles

Best Products For Frizzy Hair:

It’s also important that while following the steps above you are also using the right range of products for your hair. Alterna’s Caviar Anti Frizz Collection contains a climate shield complex which is a property technology which controls the level of moisture that the hair accepts from the surrounding environment to help reduce frizz for up to 72 hours.

First begin by cleansing your hair with our Caviar Anti-Frizz Shampoo which gently cleanses while managing the level of humidity. Following this, apply our Caviar Anti-Frizz Conditioner that nourishes conditions and tames frizz while protecting against humidity.

Once rinsed and whilst hair is still damp we recommend applying our Smoothing Anti-Frizz Dry Oil Mist, which is a frizz taming dry oil mist that controls frizz for up to 8 hours and adds instant shine. Spray throughout sections of the hair and blow dry hair a low heat to avoid heat damage.

Finish and Style the hair with our Caviar Smoothing Anti-Frizz Nourishing Oil that controls frizz for up to 72 hours, increases shine and adds elasticity to brittle hair.


Alterna Anti Frizz Haircare Collection

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